About me

Dear friends and neighbors,

My name is You You Xue (say: yo yo shway) and I'm running for Millbrae City Council in this November's election. I will work hard in the coming weeks to earn your vote.

I am the son of two Chinese immigrants who moved here in the mid-90s. I was born in Redwood City and spent my early life in Burlingame. My family moved to Millbrae in 2010 after we purchased our first house on Hemlock Ave. My younger brother and I were both educated in our fantastic local public school system, and I am an alumnus of Mills High School.

I love how diverse and dynamic Millbrae is. We are part of a community that finds strength in our differences as well as our unique heritages and experiences. We are lucky to be situated next to an airport that serves as a major gateway to Asia and the world, and to be sandwiched between cosmopolitan San Francisco and the global capital of innovation, Silicon Valley. I believe that under strong and visionary leadership, Millbrae can better leverage all of these strengths to deliver the positive and meaningful change that residents in this city have been long waiting for.

I'm running for Council because I want to represent the voice of all Millbrae residents. I want to be an accessible leader who listens to residents' concerns and proactively comes up with smart solutions to address them. I'll bring a fresh perspective to a Council that I think has lost touch with what residents go through on a day-to-day basis. I will use my experience as a Millbrae small business owner to not only modernise and jumpstart our downtown business district, but I'll also find new ways to improve Millbrae's financial stability with the ultimate goal of reducing the cost of living for everyone. Instead of spending time gathering endorsements and doing photo ops, I am going to dedicate the next few months educating myself on the issues that matter most to my community. Simply put, I can say that I have no hidden agenda, no special interests backing my election, and owe no favours to anyone.

Cheers to the journey ahead, we're in this together, and we're in it to win it.

You You

My life outside of this campaign

I spend most of my time running wonderful, a restaurant on Broadway in downtown Millbrae. I'm also getting ready to open a second restaurant, not yet named, in Foster City. The second restaurant has been delayed by over a year but it's going to be a great gathering spot for innovative and comforting food.

Food and the consumption of food is communion. Everyone needs food. The preparation of great food is an art in and of itself. I am passionate about delivering a great experience for our customers, interacting with the public, and providing a venue in which people can celebrate life and enjoy each other's company. I work very closely with my father who is the secret behind all of our unbelievable flavours and creative dishes.

I love learning about new cultures. I think that getting to know other people's way of life is one of the quickest ways to overcome ignorance, prejudice, and intolerance. I speak English and Mandarin Chinese with native fluency, and have a working proficiency of French. I hope to improve my broken Spanish and would also love to learn Italian and Cantonese.

In my spare time, I'm travelling the world. I've written guides about how to travel on a budget or by using frequent flyer points or credit card rewards, and this has helped me reach so many new places. I've travelled to all 50 states as well as 55 countries. I would love to one day visit South Africa, Malta, and Argentina.

If there's one thing I've learned from my travels, it's that people have so much more in common than we might think. Our similarities transcend language barriers, cultural differences, and political adversity. The worst mistake one can make is to be fearful or skeptical about another population, country, or group of people based solely on what they hear through pop culture, social media, or the media.

Back at home, I am deeply passionate about advancing our society forward. I am an elected delegate to the California Democratic Party, and I could talk for days on issues like renewable energy, the need for healthcare reform, and how we can deliver social justice to everyone in our country. There are so many dedicated and like-minded individuals who work tirelessly to further our cause.

If you'd like to follow my personal life, please check out my Instagram (@youyouxue).